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Stardust Counselling

Integrative Counselling and Creative

Therapies for children and

adolescents, individuals with disability,

carers and family members, and anyone who needs a safe, supportive space to be themselves.



Clothing Brand Supporting 'Mind' Charity

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 1:40 AM
I feel very honoured to be able to let you all know about this great cause. 

In Music We Trust is a clothing brand that supports Mind charity, who in turn offers support for those dealing with depression and other mentail illness. Run by Aiden Hatfield, a musician who also deals with depression, the brand promotes the concept that music can help those dealing with depression and other mental illness. 50% of profits from the clothing brand go to the charity. 

Here is a link to the website. Please check it out and help support the Mind charity.  

There is no shame in coping with depression. We are here to help and support. 
You are not alone. 

Lots of stardust,

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