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Stardust Counselling

Integrative Counselling and Creative

Therapies for children and

adolescents, individuals with disability,

carers and family members, and anyone who needs a safe, supportive space to be themselves.

Supports We Offer

Stardust Counselling offers a variety of approaches to engage with children, support them, and bring relief in times of stress.

We tailor sessions to the individual, ensuring they feel safe and comfortable as they explore their world in a nurturing, patient environment.

Some of our supports include:

*Bereavement and Loss

*Changes in health

*Sleep issues


*Behavioural problems and Tantrums

*Anxiety and Phobias

*Recovering from Trauma

*Disability therapies

*Creative Arts interventions

*Support for siblings and family of diversely abled/chronically ill/preparing for loss members

*Support for teens and adults with LGBT+/gender concerns, transitioning.

Every child is unique and amazing in their own way. While we offer support to children of all abilities, we do not imagine that we 'know' the child or their abilities purely by a diagnosis. We look forward to learning with them and from them, and discovering who they are as a person. 

Stardust Counselling is proud and excited to be involved in the Hocus Focus project to promote growth and learning, especially with diversely-abled children. Please see our page 'Hocus Focus' for more details.